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2019 Q1 Release - WorkMobile Portal


  • Retirement of the Legacy Form Designer

  • Expression Builder

  • Searchable Fields

  • Multiple Document Uploads for the Document Library

NOTE : This release only contains changes to the WorkMobile portal and does not contain any mobile app changes

Retirement of the Legacy Form Designer

We've now retired the legacy form designer and replaced it with the new form designer. This will now be the default designer that launches when either you edit or create a new form.

WorkMobile Form Designer with Barcode Properties selected

As well as a more modern appearance, the form designer offers some of the following improvements:-

  • Speed improvements when dealing with large forms containing lots of controls.

  • Improved feedback for error messages.

  • Improved UI for advanced controls, such as image and data-link-dropdown controls.

  • Visual indicators to show the user which controls have associated formulas.

  • Ability to copy and paste controls

Note : For users still wishing to use the old form designer, you can still access this using the Legacy Form Designer button on the forms dashboard.

Expression Builder

The expression builder is a brand new feature within the new form designer that provides users with a much simpler method of building expressions. Learn more

Expression Builder with Arithmetic Functions and SQRT (number) selected

Searchable Fields

To improve the performance of searching for data when reviewing completed records, we've introduced the concept of Searchable Fields. Form builders can now choose which fields on the form should be included in the search filters for completed records. This in turn creates indexes in the underlying databases in order to improve search performance. Learn more

Multiple Document Uploads for the Document Library

We've extended the document library to now allow users to upload multiple documents in batch. Learn more

Resolved Issues

  • Multiple fixes for relating to new form designer copy and paste (PBR15768, PBR15769, PBR15759, PBR15767, PBR15765, PBR15758, PBR15764, PBR15763, PBR15762, PBR15761, PBR15760 , PBR15757, PBR15756, PBR15755)

  • PBR14475 - Can now add multiple formatted labels with the same name

  • PBR15730 - Change of API error message when attempting to upload job for a de-activated job type

  • PBR15731 - API, when doing dry run with a de-activated job, does not error.

  • PBR15734 - Now sorts mobile users details buy user id when downloading as CSV

  • PBR15740 - Change of message when running de-allocate and close in the jobs screen

  • PBR15754 - DLD's added to a form out of sequence could not be mapped correctly

  • PBR15751 - Setting an initial value within a radio button sets it for all other radio buttons

  • PBR15753 - Session time out breaks image picker

  • PBR15752 - Radio buttons should not have 'not selected' as an initial value

  • PBR15345 - Fields cannot be set as Hidden=Yes

  • PBR14368 - Could not view data containing background audio data


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