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December 2021- Feature Release

Release Date - 13th Dec 2021


  • New Feature - Manual Location

  • Data Editor Comments

Manual Location

Manual Location is a specific feature for the WorkMobile 2.0 app and provides you with the ability to select exact locations whilst out in the field.

By using Manual Location on your Form, Mobile Users will be able to precisely select locations using Open Street Map in either the Standard or Satellite view.

This feature could be particularly useful in highlighting important site landmarks such as fire escapes and water tanks, minimising errors, and confusion on future work.

Revision History Comments

The introduction of Revision History Comments will now allow users who are editing uploaded data to document the changes they have made to the data. As well as giving the option to provide a Revision Comment, the name of the user who has edited the data will also be captured and stored, along with the comments, in the Revision History table.

If you'd like more information on these features please contact


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