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Security with WorkMobile


Security and confidentiality are key attributes of WorkMobile and we understand that they are key drivers for our clients as well.


Clients communicate these requirements at every stage in the process and we have worked hard to ensure that our infrastructure meets these performance criteria.


At a glance...

Data Centre Specifications



Our data centres are located within the UK

Data Security

Our data centres meet the highest accreditation standards and conform to ISO 27001:2005


Physical Security

  • Pre booked authorised access with visual identification

  • 24/7/365 Security Patrols

  • Video surveillance throughout facility and perimeter


  • Redundant power supply

  • UPS

  • Standby Diesel Generator

  • Energy Efficient

  • VESDA – Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus


  • Redundancy of connectivity across multiple providers

  • Low Hop and Minimum Latency

  • Scalability, designed to meet high burst traffic




  • All data sent to and from our Webservers and across the mobile infrastructure is via SSL3.0/TLS 2.1 (TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA), with certificates provided by Verisign, we ensure that your data is kept secure whilst transmitted across the public network.

  • For platform encryption, standard tools can be utilised to facilitate tighter lock down on both  devices and servers. Bit locker may be utilised with SQL Server and Windows Tablet devices. Android allows the user to encrypt accounts on supported devices and other platforms have their own solutions

Data Segregation


WorkMobile uses a hybrid multi tenant architecture to provide both the benefits of shared database for maintenance but ensuring client data separation utilising separate database schemas. This is implemented as follows:


  • Account data (mobile user details, portal users) along with meta-data (form definitions, groups, notifications and job type definitions) are kept within a shared schema segregated by customer id. Access to this data is provided through a software layer that restricts access based on the logged in user account.

  • User data i.e. completed form and job records reside in customer account specific SQL server schemas which are secured with individual SQL Server accounts per customer account.

Disaster Recovery


  • Multiple data centres ensure that service availability is kept at a maximum.

  • Data is replicated across multiple centres, ensuring improved uptime.

  • Data synchronisation ensured using Completer Associates – Arc serve RHA – providing warm standby for fail-over

  • Nightly backups and off-site storage on an industry standard rotation system give added protection. Backups are destroyed on expiration

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