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December 2019 - Feature Release

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Release date : 17 Dec 2019


  • New feature - Data Editor (Beta)

Data Editor (Beta)

A new feature which allows both back-office and mobile users to edit data on the WorkMobile portal after it has been submitted from the mobile App.

Users are able review completed records within the portal and edit them in exactly the same fashion as they would using a WorkMobile form. Mobile users are restricted to only be able to edit records that they themselves have submitted.

New Data Editor displaying images fields

Each edit results in a full audit trail and version history of the change allowing users to revert back to previous versions should the need arise.

If you'd like to try this feature out for yourself please contact

Minor Features

  • User Groups Ability to select all, select none when defining which users groups a portal user has access to.

  • Enabled Unique Names for all accounts by default

Resolved Issues

  • PBR 18975 - Re-deployed Expression Builder feature.

  • PBR 17532 - Fixed issue which prevented the link to WMTool download appearing for portal users.

  • PBR 18321 - Fixed issue within the new form designer which prevented any layout controls from having their 'hidden' property set.

  • PBR 17530 - Fixed 'not selected' issue for drop-down lists within the new form designer.


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