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2019 July - App Release


New feature - Password change and reset using mobile App

NOTE : This is a mobile App release. We therefore strongly recommend that you follow our best practice guide before upgrading.

Password Reset Using the Mobile App

Mobile users now have the ability to reset or change their password using the WorkMobile application. Learn more

Resolved Issues

  • PBR16526 - Fixed navigation issues on multi-line text boxes on iOS

  • PBR17130 - Both iOS and Android versions did not respect the device orientation lock

  • PBR1740 - Fixed misleading error message that occurred with media controls on forms that had been populated using a job create notification

  • PBR17580 - Fixed time zone issue which occurred on date controls for completed forms residing in either the drafts or outbox

  • PBR17438 - Fixed issue which caused captured photographs to change orientation when using the form copy functionality.


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