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WorkMobile for Proof of Delivery

Build a proof of delivery system that allows you to allocate work to individual drivers, capture signatures using the mobile and then create a workflow to automatically email your customer with a PDF proof of delivery document

WorkMobile Proof of Delivery(opt).png
Mac portal screen(opt).png

Allocate Jobs

Allocate the job to a driver so that the details arrive in the Inbox of the WorkMobile App


Status Updates

Receive real-time status updates so that you know when the driver is 'on-route' or has 'completed' the delivery

Mandatory Signatures

Capture signatures using the WorkMobile App and make them mandatory to make sure that you always capture that all important customer sign-off


Email Documents

Automatically embed signatures into your custom-designed proof-of-delivery document and let WorkMobile email it to you customer

Request a Demo

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