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How to keep your employee facing apps as secure as possible

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

More and more businesses are beginning to see the advantages of using apps internally. Employee-facing apps offer a range of benefits: they can help management teams communicate better with workers based outside of the office, be used to allocate jobs more efficiently, and streamline processes for specific tasks.

The primary function for employee-facing apps is often to improve a business’s internal operations, but they also frequently store or provide access to private and confidential company data – making secure platforms essential. Ensuring information on these apps is protected is therefore a high priority for business leaders.

In 2018, 88% of UK businesses experienced some sort of data breach, demonstrating just how widespread the threat is. Protecting employee-facing apps with the right security features will help to reduce the chances of company data being breached and ensure sensitive information is protected.

Below we explore three top measures that businesses can take to secure their employee-facing apps and keep company data as protected as possible!

Password protection is a must

Educating employees about the importance of strong passwords is a must in making sure that private company data is protected when using employee-facing apps. Passwords are currently the first security point when logging into apps, and ensuring passwords are as unique as possible will reduce the likelihood of hacking being successful.

In the UK Cyber Survey carried out in 2019, over half of respondents admitted that they do not always use a strong password when operating internet enabled devices, and often use the same passwords across personal and work email accounts. This is problematic for companies as it makes the hacking process easier and increases the vulnerability of company data.

Therefore, educating staff on password requirements could boost app protection levels. Equally, choosing apps that offer these security features will be especially critical in ensuring that data is as protected as it can be.

Encrypt data

Data encryption is essential for any company data that is stored on enterprise apps. Encryption means that any business information that is kept on an app database is converted into another form, meaning that should a breach occur, the information cannot be understood by anyone external to the company.

Using app software with data encryption technology allows businesses to set a password for forms so only a select group of individuals can access them. This is particularly beneficial when apps are used by a business’s employee as the company data can be only be accessed by its workers, and most importantly, understood by them too.

Invest in an electronic audit trail

Being able to map the activity on the app makes it possible for businesses to monitor the location of their company data. With strong passwords in place and encryption implemented, an electronic audit trail will allow businesses to monitor how their data is being used by employees across the platform.

Using a robust audit trail allows for a quick identification of negative influences such as cyber-threats, data corruption or misuse of company data, should these regrettably occur.

Before any issues can arise, audits also offer a second channel of protection as data can be tracked daily. This extra monitoring is a service offered we offer here at WorkMobile.

By providing companies with data capture apps that are connected securely to the cloud, WorkMobile can enable businesses to develop a clear audit trail to keep their customers and employees fully informed.

Enterprise apps offer an extensive range of benefits to businesses. These apps can be used by managers to keep in touch with hard-to-reach staff who may be non-desk based and managers can use the apps features to engage their staff by offering new, quicker and different ways to do their job. However, taking adequate security steps will be essential in ensuring that any company data that is on these platforms is kept as safe as it can. Investing in apps that provide encryption services, encourage strong passwords for access, and offer electronic audit facilities will provide a robust security system and prevent company data reaching the wrong hands.


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