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Enhancing Operational Resilience in Water Companies with WorkMobile

In the complex and critical world of water management, ensuring continuity of operations during disruptions is not just a logistical necessity but a societal imperative.

Water companies face numerous challenges, from burst pipes to natural disasters, which can jeopardise the supply and safety of water. Recognising this, many water utilities are increasingly turning to digital solutions like WorkMobile to bolster their operational resilience and business continuity strategies. This article explores how water companies leverage WorkMobile to manage disruptions effectively, highlighting specific use cases and the unique advantages of this innovative platform.

Digital Transformation in Water Management

Water companies operate extensive networks that require constant monitoring and rapid response capabilities. Traditional methods of managing operations and emergency responses often involve cumbersome paperwork and manual processes that can delay actions when time is of the essence. WorkMobile transforms these traditional processes by providing a digital solution that is fast, flexible, and reliable qualities essential for effective incident management.

Case Studies of WorkMobileSolutions in Action

WorkMobile has been instrumental in streamlining operations at various water companies, particularly in managing alternative water supplies (AWS) during supply interruptions. Let’s review some of the specific areas where the solution has been used:

1. AWS Attendance Record:

This captures a reactive or planned AWS response. It helps in confirming staff attendance at sites requiring emergency water supplies. Details such as job type (reactive or planned), site specifics, duration of attendance, equipment used, refill points, and the on-site network technician are meticulously recorded. This ensures that all personnel are accounted for and that every aspect of the response is documented for efficiency and regulatory compliance.

2. Bottled Water Inventory:

Keeping track of bottled water supplies is vital, especially during prolonged service interruptions. The Bottled Water Inventory enables regions to log their stock weekly, including the status of water quality (in date or not) and additional stock orders. This inventory also helps in maintaining adequate supplies of bottled water and ensures that there is no shortage during critical periods.

3. Deployment Record:

Perhaps the most comprehensive, this records the specifics of the equipment deployed during an AWS operation. From tankers and mobile generators to overland hoses and bottled water, each item is detailed with specifics like registration numbers, asset numbers, deployment locations, and chlorine levels. The Deployment Record not only helps in tracking the equipment but also ensures that all deployments meet safety and operational standards.

4. AWS Housekeeping Log:

Regular site checks are necessary to maintain safety and operational integrity. The Housekeeping Log includes checks for perimeter security, stock and chemical levels, and general safety, which are essential for keeping AWS sites functional and secure.

5. AWS Site Survey:

Before deploying resources, a thorough site survey is conducted to ensure that the location is suitable for AWS operations. This survey captures detailed information about site accessibility, environmental considerations, and logistical challenges, helping planners design effective deployment strategies.

Unique Advantages of WorkMobile

WorkMobile offers several distinct advantages that make it particularly suitable for water utilities:

Speed of Deployment:

Solutions can be quickly created and deployed, which is crucial where time is critical.

No-Code Platform:

The no-code platform allows non-technical staff to create and modify solutions easily, they evolve with changing business needs without requiring specialised IT skills.

Offline Functionality:

WorkMobile operates offline, enabling field workers to capture and store data even in remote or challenging environments without reliable internet or phone signals.

Real-Time Data Capture:

The platform facilitates real-time data capture, allowing for immediate analysis and decision-making, which is essential for effective incident management.


For water companies, the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to disruptions in water supply is not just about maintaining service but also ensuring public safety. WorkMobile has proven to be a vital tool in this regard, enhancing the capability of these companies to manage operational incidents more effectively. By digitising and automating critical workflows, WorkMobile not only speeds up response times but also enhances the accuracy and reliability of recovery operations, proving to be an indispensable asset in the water management industry.

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