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Build Mobile Workflow Solutions.

Workmobile Solutions streamlines day to day processes for your workforce by allowing you to create any number of digital workflows. It then gives you real time information from the data that is fed back to make informed business decisions quicker, easier, and simpler.

It will empower you, clients, and stakeholders to effectively use business intelligence from all this cloud data. From simple csv/pdf's auto generated reports, to live BI dashboards and any number of chosen alerts. All in real-time. With No Coding or Capex required our simple Drag and Drop App Builder reduces reliance on third party developers and can accommodate both simple and the most complex of your requirements.

Furthermore, our solutions can serve as a workforce management solution with the ability to assign and track jobs or to receive real-time project progression information, whilst allowing your business to maintain a connection with staff and improve engagement with them.

Design your own forms and use for a multitude of processes

Gas Pipe Inspection

Job Dispatch

Vehicle Inpsections

Drainage Inspection

Leakage Reporting

Inspection Checklists

Work Reports


Meter Installation

Electrical Compliance

Site Diaries

Waste Management





Attach photographs, video, audio, GPS and digital signatures

Generate reports, notifications and real-time BI data

Deploy instantly using our cloud or choose to go on-premise

No Capex, No Problem

Transform your Business in 4 Simple Steps

1. Build your Solution

2. Start Using the App

Use WorkMobileSolutions simple cloud-based drag-&-drop form designer to build your mobile solution using our toolbox of pre-built widgets. Click a button and deploy to multiple platforms.

Once deployed to your workforce you can begin to send and receive business data in real-time. Can be used across multiple use cases and multiple departments all with no Capex.

3. Store Data in the Cloud

Stored securely in the cloud you can automatically retrieve any data in any format you require. Automatically generate reports and documents, create trigger notifications or send to BI Dashboards, all in real-time.

4. Integrate

Go a step further and integrate the WorkMobile platform into your existing systems and infrastructure to create seamless workflows and extend your current back-office capability to your mobile field force.

Case Study


The Challenge


Morrison Utilities Services wanted to find a cost-effective solution to manage the work of its field engineers more effectively, which includes job scheduling, resource management and generally speeding up the amount of time it takes to get info back from their various external teams.

Prior to the adoption of WorkMobile the firm relied on its own CRM to help it send out 'job packs' to its external workers. These were large costly packs of paper containing job information/ specs and various other paper-forms that were printed off for the workers to fill in and return (typically they contained Job sheets, Timesheets, Health and Safety forms etc.).


Only once the engineer sent the forms or documents back, (on average being received up to two weeks after the Job was completed) would it be possible for Morrison Utility Services to provide their customers with an update and confirmation of a job's progress or completion. Crucially this then enabled them to be able to invoice their customers.

This timescale was unsatisfactory and unnecessary, especially as some complicated jobs could take months to complete. There was also the serious issue of missing Health and Safety forms being filled in and sent back from the field. These were frequently either missing, lost or had never been completed in the first place. When such jobs were audited these missing essential documents were causing problems.


A solution was badly needed, one that added more speed and efficiency to the service Morrison Utilitiy Services provided, and took the responsibility for paperwork completion and posting away from the field engineer.

After Morrison Utility Services looked at various suppliers WorkMobile stood out as the perfect solution for their many requirements which included data capture, integration to existing systems, ease of use for the engineers and also the ability to create either simple or detailed reports of the data collected.

The Solution


To overcome the challenge, Morrison Utility Services took an already robust WorkMobile system and integrated it into its own on-premise system. Now their on-premise system transmits data (the old 'job packs') to WorkMobile which turns these into electronic forms.

Workers are then sent the information/forms which automatically download to their handset/tablet, this informs them of the job that they have been allocated and gives them a simple and easy way to capture the data on the device and to transmit back job sheets / Health and safety / Timesheets etc to their CRM in real-time. On the customised CRM / web portal, Morrison Utility Services customers can view the progress/timesheets/information of the work they have contracted Morrison Utility Services to do.

The underlying success of the solution is its flexibility and adaptability. WorkMobile® is compatible and can be integrated with most back-office systems. External workers can use the App either on-line or offline which allows our clients to work in remote locations.

Information from CRM/WorkMobile is very easily transferred so that it appears on a user’s device as an electronic form.

The field user can either access a WorkMobile form with certain information already pre-populated (e.g name, address, job details) and complete the form to the point of capturing the customer or site manager’s signature and or any Photos and then transmitting the completed form back to the office. Alternatively, it can simply be a blank form that is filled in by the engineer and then submitted back to the office.

WorkMobile is a software solution that can capture not only data, photographs, GPS location, barcode scanning  but can also give the reporting capability many modern businesses need; all of these features are available within the WorkMobile® App. Morrison Utility Services takes advantage of the full functionality, enabling it to provide a superior service to its customers as well as ensuring that it complies with its own strict health and safety policy.

Since Morrison Utility Services started to use WorkMobile they have systematically retired their existing portfolio of Apps and data capture tools.


This has saved them time, money and has resulted in WorkMobile becoming the underpinning data capture solution across their whole business. 

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